Shoot The Living is an editorial photographic agency based in the North West of England. We specialise in editorial portraiture, and aim to creatively interpret every commission we receive.

Every photographer at that works for us is a talented individual. They know that if you want to illustrate a personality accurately, you have to listen, interpret and politely direct.

We are time served, we know the standards, and we are here to challenge them.

Led by principal photographer Samuel Reynolds, we operate as a demand-expandable team of experienced professionals, catering from one-on-one situations up to large scale events. Each photographer that works for Shoot The Living is hand picked for their ability to see and capture things that an average photographer might miss.

We are proud of our portraiture, and we produce thought provoking work that fills the mind with stories and textures and detail.

The way that we operate means that you, the client, will never be without a photographer when you need one.

We have enough people on our team, with a variety of disciplined talents, to cater for any shoot that you can imagine. You can book us in for a twenty minute meeting in a city centre restaurant, an afternoon shoot at a country hotel, or a week long studio session if that’s what you are after. We really are flexible, so if you have an idea, please get in touch for a chat.

All of our photographers are pleasant people too. It may sound trivial, but this is really important to us at Shoot The Living. Our photographers have to be as good with people as they are with their camera. We think it’s essential to have manners, and although we don’t have a smiling face in every one of our pictures, we definitely have them plastered on our faces.

Our photographers are that passionate about the job that their happiness is a natural by-product, greasing the wheels of the shoot, making it a pleasing experience for everyone involved.
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